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Great packaging will inspire discovery, disrupt the market, differentiate you from the competition and help your products sell in and sell through. We design and print premium packaging for cpg, adult beverages, sporting goods, cosmetics, toys, and electronics. Our CPG clients sell in to Target, BevMo, Costco, GNC, REI, Dick’s and more.

Sporting Goods & Electronics

BSX Endurance Wearable Device

BSX Endurance Wearable Device

Personal Care, Wellness & Nutrition

mens grooming product packaging printing examples

Trago Smart-Bottle custom design and nutrition packets - Printing and production

Trago Smart Water bottle header card packaging system and printing

Love Blossom Nutritional Supplements & CBD

Tincture Packaging CBD Bottle

Toys & Games

Team Hot Wheels Logos for Global Package & Merch Rebrand

premium glass water bottle branding design printers

Great Design Sells

BXC helps entrepreneurs and companies strategically define their brand persona, champion their spirit, tune their voice, refine their look, increase brand value and grow. Brand Strategy, Logos, Event/Retail Environments, Product Packaging, Ecommerce & Campaigns. We produce ideas, materials and products that take you from startup to rock star. Contact Drew for a quick quote and let's bring your next big idea to life and to market.

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