From Hippy to Hipster.

A Men’s luxury brand experience updated & revitalized.

18/8 Salons Rebranding Portfolio - Homepage and Digital

Homepage and Website Menu

Outdoor Signage, Ads and Retail Posters

Updated Logos, Taglines and Prom Art

Signage and Retail Graphics

Monthly Email and Direct Mailer Campaigns

Brochure and service guides.

18|8 is a premium barber shop revived and tailored for today’s men’s needs. The BXC team proves that you don’t always need a large agency or budget to do great work. Our task was to revitalize the brands image, expose the soul of 18|8, inspire their customer & team, and provide the tools to communicate effectively. Strategically we refined our clients communications to be more fashion forward, and relevant to their customer. We refined their “DNA” to share a compelling story. Developed a consistent visual experience for all 18|8 Salon communications. Become respected. Become desired. Create an army of well groomed brand ambassadors.

FAQ: How much did it cost to have BXC create the branding system and website?

HINT: It was cheaper than hiring one fulltime designer for a year.

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