Often referred to as BXC, Freelance Money Machine, Fractional CMO, and Party Animal. My 20+ year career includes working directly for youthful lifestyle brands that share my passion and realize the immense value in creativity, inspiring products, and with the amazing entrepreneurs, athletes, startups and rock stars who founded them. I offer a unique perspective, unbridled enthusiasm and surf lessons in my sunga.

I work directly with my own clients, in-house marketers and national ad agencies. An extremely hands-on, or off-leash creative, team mentor and brand cheerleader. Experienced in global consumer products, youthful lifestyle, outdoors, fashion, CPG and sports branding (online retail, logos, guidelines, packaging, catalogs, video, web, digital, events, retail, environments) and 360 omni-channel everything. I get stuff done.

Agency Freelance: Vitro, DGWB, ChopShop, FCB and others.
Apps: Adobe Suite, Trello, Asana, Later, Facebook, Google Analytics/Campaigns etc.

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Available World-Wide Remote. Agency or In House. Located in Orange County, California.