In-the-know in 3 bullets!
• We are a small, established brand-design studio with a lot of flexibility.
• We are creatives, producers, listeners and problem solvers.
• With an open and honest partnership, we all thrive.

Hi. I'm Drew,

I'm the Marketing Creative Director and proud founder of BXC.

BXC helps entrepreneurs, athletes, personalities, and companies define their persona, champion their spirit, tune their voice, refine their look, and evolve into brands people remember and want to connect with. Since 2005 we have created 400 projects for over 100 clients including Callaway, O'Neill, Hasbro, Nixon, Quiksilver, Patagonia, Giro, Beach Bunny, Camelbak, Felt Bikes. We refine, design, and grow consumer-lifestyle brands.

Let me share with you our process, passion, unique branding experience, tremendously skilled partners and little black-book of industry players, and let's get your brand firing on all cylinders.

Get acquainted with service options below.

Call me and say hello. I answer the phone too.

Drew Dougherty   949-677-7324
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Per Project Perfection
Need a hand or two? Let's get to it.

We can estimate like a boss, but having a plan and your budget ready will give us both an advantage. BXC adheres to the ethical guidelines provided by the AIGA and Graphic Artists Guild. We provide portfolios/quotes at no cost and we'll be delighted to meet with you in person.

Some of the things we do: • Product, URL & Brand Naming
• Custom Logo Design & Trademarks
• Product & Industrial Design
• Consumer Product Packaging
• Sales Catalogs & Promotional Materials
• Retail, POP, Event & Tradeshow Environments
• eCommerce & CMS Development
• Photoshoots & Video
• Graphic Design, Copywriting, Art Direction
• Print & Digital Campaigns
• Product and Apparel Graphics
• If it requires creative thinkers and wrists, we do that!

Flex our Studio Muscles
Monthly fee designed to fit your needs.

• Monthly retained fee & studio hours
• Reduced rate for retained time
• Hours set aside for your projects
• Simple, pre-planned schedule
• Limited roll-over for unused time
• More cost effect than a full-time staff
• Short-term, easy month-to-month payment
• Super flexible. Just ask!

Includes: • Strategic Planning, Content & Product Development
• Brand DNA Strategy, Pitch Decks & Presentations
• Copywriting
• Design & Web Development
• Graphic Design & Production
• Social Media Assets & Production
• Project Management
• Everything (planned within your budgeted agreement)
• Let's hear what you're thinking!

All-in Fractional CMO/ACD
A brand steward, partner and advocate, ala carte.

Hire yourself the ace-up-your-sleeve, a merciless mercenary, your secret weapon or me, an executive-level Marketing Creative Director and Branding Strategist. It's all here for the taking and I'm all yours.

Includes: • Drew Dougherty, Executive Creative Director/CMO
• Performing as an Advising Partner Consultant
• Executive level Stewardship & Mentor
• Supporting VP, CEO, CMO & in-house Marketing Teams
• Supportive ear and voice for new ideas and pitches
• Liaison to outside agencies, vendors & partners
• Hybrid Creative-Marketing expertise
• 20+ years of brand managment and go-to-market experience
• Collaborative support & feedback
• Access my Black-Book of Industry Connections
• Provide strategic Planning and Creative Briefs
• Accessible (my personal cell number)
• Surf Lessons (I own a disturbing amount of surfboards)

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