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From all touch points; name, logo, product, package, pitch deck, trade show, website, video, social media, to ecommerce, unboxing and Instagram, we help you transform, inspire & sell.

Branding Strategy, Social Media, Marketing Creative & Production
Felt Bikes

“Keeping true to our core brand message, BXC stepped in and delivered exactly what we needed with a fresh and unique perspective, on-time and in-step with our existing staff.”

Doug Martin, Marketing Director - Felt Bikes


Branding Strategy, Social Media, Marketing Creative & Production

“We transform brands, inspire customers & and dream big, just like you.”

From hometown bootstrappers to international rockstars, BXC helps bring your ideas, passion and vision to life and to market.

Prior to launching BXC, I was the creative director for the international lifestyle brand O’Neill, Santa Cruz. I have worked with national advertising agencies (FCB/SF, DGWB/OC, Y&R/Austin, Vitro/SD) as a consumer-product creative director and lifestyle-brand designer. As a consultant, I still do.

Are you looking for an experienced brand steward and reliable marketing partner? Call me. 949-677-7324.

Drew Dougherty, Creative Director,

New Business & Straight-Up Optimist.

Photo: Nicola Augustson

A few very notable clients (past & present).

Callaway Golf
Camelbak Design Agency
Hasbro Packaging Designers
Quiksilver Creatives
Boost Mobile advertising firm
Patagonia graphics artists
Mountain High marketing company
ONeill Wetsuits campaign creative director
Felt Bikes catalog designers
Tepui Tents branding
Giro packaging printer
Nixon Watches
Neil Pryde
Mophie Outride
McDavid SPorts
Taco Bell
BeachBunny Swimwear
Hot WHeels

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